Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tips on getting old

A few tips on getting old and how not to do it.

1. Don't let people who don't love you or care about your self respect take random photo's of you being a grandmom.

2. What you can do is fake people out by taking your own picture. Holding the camera high above your head causes you to extend your neck up. Which lengthens it and allowing the jowls to fall back. I know everyone knows this trick, but I still like it.

3. But, sometimes you just get tired of faking people out with camera tricks. Cuz, What the heck....If they got eyes the camera trick only works in the picture?.......(.hmmmm shoulda thought that thru.)

But when you get a glimpse of the most hideous picture you could imagine and it resembles....something that could live under your porch combined with.....well, your mother. Vanity seems highly under rated! So Im gonna reach out and grab me some......

Now the question is.......Was it worth it?

Stay tuned to the next exciting episode!!!!! Vote if you'd like. Will it be worth it?


Myrn said...

girlfriend I am going to be right behind you. Keep me updated, really want to know how it was for you.I can hardly wait...It won't get rid of all the scaring, but he his also doing a lazer treatment after.I really hope I get good results. If not ....just hope I could face that with out too many TEARS AND A LOT OF UNDERSTANDING!
This has been a long time in coming! I could already see you are lookin GOOD!!! take care and keep in touch. Love ya friend, Myrna

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

It was so good to hear from you. I have never had anything done, but if I wanted too, I would. I hope everything goes well. You are a brave soul....loved this post.

Cindy J. said...

Oh Athella, you are so funny! What amazing eyes you've got..so beautiful.. I know exactly how you feel, my sister took some pictures of me at Christmas and I was scary.. Can't wait to see your reveal..so good to hear from you. Love, Cindy

janece said...

ABSO..DAMN...LUTELY!!! You're going to be gorgeous and maybe we'll find you a prom dress and take your picture and send it to the RJ!!!

Myrn said...

Ok girlfriend we are all waiting so patiently to see results pictures! I have another appointment with Dr. Carter on Friday the 16th.. You working that day? Danyel and I will both be up there .....I would love to see you. Maybe we can meet for lunch,
I have been having a pretty ruff time for the past week. All I have gotten done is cry! I haven't hardly even left my house, except for a few mins,I thought I was dealing with my moms death....guess not so much. I haven't cried as I cried today since I was very small. Sobbing so hard and for so long. I couldn't catch my breathe. Let me know how you are doing. I have been thinking a you a lot!!!! Hope all is good! Love ya. can't wait to see you

xinex said...

You are so funny, Athella. You are brave but I admire you. I can't wait to see the results. Thanks for stopping by, I have missed you. Whatcha beenn up tp aside from this?.....Christine

xinex said...

Thanks for coming by Athella. You know you are always welcome to come visit me here. How are you? I want to see new pictures of you....Christine

Unknown said...