Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breakfast & Birds

Hi, Welcome, Please come in......For those of you who know me and for those of you who don't....I admit..." I am a little quirky." I like being different from the rest and living simple in my modest cottage style home in the Southern Utah Desert. Spring is short here. Our temperatures jump from 80 to 115 overnight. The only time we get to enjoy our patio is in the early morning or very late evening. So, my tablescape is set today for breakfast for two on my soon to be abandoned patio. Above us two birds have made nests in the eaves of the metal awning and the hummingbird I posted about last week is behind us nesting closer to the house. Because of the bird situation I thought it would be fun to bring out a few bird books to identify some of our guests.

Now, To start the introduction of my table setting. I found this piece of fabric on the dollar rack at Walmart.... and thought it would make a nice tablecloth. So now it is. Because, I like things worn and comfortable I washed & dried it a couple of times to soften the fabric and fray the edges. Yes Grandma, I did starch and iron it.
Remember I said I live Simply.?.... ooohhh, look at my old folding chairs..... I just love them!

These old white plates were in the cupboard. Apparently one had been broken leaving me with only three. No matter, I only need two. Still, something is missing... I know. Some colored plates to sit on top of the white. Pier 1 had my back on that. Then....... back at Walmart while mothers day shopping I found this perfect small brown planter (the only one) and those pretty little white moss roses! Now....., I have a Tablescape! Im telling you, sometimes things are just meant to be. Personally, I love how it turned out. I hope you like it too! We'll be out here for awhile basking in the sun...and reading about birds. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit the other tablescapers listed at Susan's Between naps on the porch. Thankyou Susan for hosting this fun Thursday event.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thanks Chari for hosting this fun walk down memory posts
I hope this applies in your Sunday Meme' rule book as this is a new post of an old RMS post.

Baby MaMa

Thanks Chari for hosting this fun walk down memory posts.
I hope this is applicable to your Sunday Meme' rule book as this is a modified new post of an old RMS post. I'm sure you will remember it.

Our Very Own Baby MaMa

This clip was shot from my kitchen window today May 2,2009 . Actually, not true. I opened the window and stood in the sink to get this close up...Do you think she is posing?

If your interest is peeked enough to read further...

This is the fourth year running for this nest to be occupied. I don't know if it is the same bird or not? We assume it is as, she has become quite comfortable and I dare say a little demanding over the years. You may find my next statement a little unbelievable but, I promise, it is the absolute truth....She taps on the window if we leave the patio light on to late!!! Cute huh?

This years eggs

Always two!

If any of you all have info about hummingbirds.....Please. Share!