Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday Favorites

This fun Sunday Favorites meme' is sponsored by Chari the funnest, nicest, and happiest lady. Please, take some time to visit her at Happy to Design. Totally worth it.
Hi Chari....! Thanks, for letting me tag along...

It seriously takes me longer to figure out all this computer stuff then a trained monkey would. On a positive note. I do feel a little accomplished by learning link! I keep thinking it will get better but... To date.... Obviously still struggling!

I Love Junk

I paid $30 for this 1950's buffet at a local thrift shop. As you can see my first attempt at painting it proved unsuccessful. Now, it may appear that I am not a perfectionist but I did have a plan. Which meant it had to be re-sanded, re-painted then re-painted and re-sanded.
See what I mean? Its resting now in the playroom. Housing all the grandkids puzzles, crayons and video games. Generally speaking this is usually not my style but I love it, love it, love it and it has now made it to the Who gets what when I'm gone list? Now, what I'd really like to know is.... Do they know something I don't know? -OR - How bad do they really want it? Yikes!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How do you hug an Island?

So you can identify the characters on this fun filled vacation, I am the eldest, fuller figured gal. Yeah thats me right there, My sister Cindy is next to me and sister Sandra is the younger of the three. We had so much FUN on our sister trip to Washington states Whidbey Island!!!
Yes, we took our own picture. Its a Daffodil field.
Who else would do it? Geesh

Okay, I have a few fun stories to tell or to ramble on to myself about. Whatever the case I will still blog them.

YAAWN...stretch.....mmmm........ Huh? Groggy thoughts start forming a private conversation with the other personalities residing in my head. Some of us are less interested then others.
My rent is up? oh.......stretch........Its been a week. oooohhhh....stre----tching longer now...This is our last day of breakfast in bed. uuuuhh... Huh.....? Pack your bags......I stretched again only this time to reach for the (chenille) covers pushed sometime during the night to the foot of my bed. Questioning myself again. What day is this? Really? THE LAST DAY ON THE ISLAND? The covers are now pulled over my head and, suddenly we have all come together with one common thought. "But,We just got here"! I'm not leaving yet.......! "NO", I shouted out loud. "I am seriously not going!" "I saw a help wanted sign in the hotel window down the street." -or- "Maybe our B&B hosts will let me stay here?.... "I'll feed the dog and help them plant more foliage on their beautiful grounds." "I will praise them, and appreciate this little piece of heaven daily.... and ....I will fix my own breakfast."
I peeked out from under the covers to see my two wide eyed sisters staring at the large heap in the middle of my bed. Cindy taking intermitent breaks from putting on her makeup and Sandra just staring. No defining expression from either one. Just staring. Cindy finished her makeup and turned to Sandra. Still, no expression or tone in her voice when she announced, "Come on Sandra, We gotta go." Oddly enough, they stood in unison and started dragging their luggage down the five wooden, dew drench steps leading from our room to the rock paved path and out to the pebble driveway. Like stray pesky ants they marched back and forth with just a few pieces of luggage at a time. Finally, their last trip up the stairs and in to the cozy, perfect little space of Whidbey Island bliss to check for forgotten toiletries and misc stuff. Their giant ant bodies stood hunched in the open doorway, blocking the sunlight and casting a hideous looming shadow across my perfectly comfortable bed.
And then................
Sandra turns to Cindy and says "This is what I do with my 3 year old." "I'm leaving now....byeeeeee."
How can it be possible that I am already back home?
The good new is.... This was just the ending and I still got the beginning and middle to tell....hahaha No, no don't beg. I'll be happy to tell you.

Starting here. Please, let me introduce Maury and Charlotte. Owners and hosts of the most wonderful B&B ever. The Coupe De' Villa in Coupeville, Washington.

Aren' they cute!!! If I were to imagine a Maury and Charlotte........ It would be them.

Next is Charlotte and Phantom. I couldn't possibly leave Phannie out as she is the Coupe De' Villa greeter. We fell in love with her too.

Check out the view from the front yard or otherwise, Observatory.
aaaaaahhhhhh How nice of them to share this.
Notice the tree in the second picture? Look closer. Enlarge it if you need to. Now, do you see the eagle perched above our heads? uuuummm Nice girl..

How poetic. A garden path leading to our room annnnnnd

Our very own courtyard and patio too.

Seriously, I lived here for a week. It's even unbelievable to me!
Next, The view from our bathroom window...... I want a Staycation!!!

Oh, Did I mentioned the private beach?

Fields of daffodils and tulips too....... Is this heaven? Who knew...?

Apparently, WE DID and we got a hall pass!

This looks peaceful doesn't it?
I can assure you it wasn't. I went kicking and screaming all the way home.
Now, who wants to see pictures of me falling down the hill or of the police officer that visited our room?
UUUh Huhhh..... I told you there is more!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dig In

Hi Friends, My computer is down so I am at my daughters trying to post this belated Easter table.    After the first and last Tablescape entry.  I started getting a little more planned with my ideas.   I actually did another Easter setting that I never had a chance to post or use....(Thats another day and story.)  Anyway, My grandkids came for a visit one evening and I asked them.  What do you think of Grandma's Easter Table?  The oldest one looked at me with little expression and said...... "We're Boys".    So I started on a quest to do a boys Tablescape that they would actually notice.  Let me say here, it wasn't easy.  Easter is so pastel and pink even the blues look feminine.   I think it actually turned out cute and they loved it too.  Last minute I had to move it off my table at home and transfer it to my sons house...
I think my most clever idea is one you can't really see.  The napkin rings are rubber flippers bugs I got from the easter Isle.  The drinks are bubbles, the egg in the shovel is a wash cloth and the easter grass is edible.
This is Andy my second grandson... Look at that red hair....The pictures look so good because my daughter is a photographer!  I have to stop here because I am using her computer and she wants it back.  (I got  the eye roll Laurie!!)  As I said before my computer is down and I am leaving for Seattle in the morning so I guess that is good timing.