Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, I just got back from a delightful holiday shared with long time (long, long time) girlfriends from grade school thru to high school and well, now beyond middle age.
I would like to share a little history about these ladies so you may enjoy the following pictures as much as I do.

Janece is the owner of this beautiful country estate which she has so generously offered as a bi-annual cronies retreat. About Janece. She was our Senior class president, Student bodyVice President, Head cheerleader blah, blah, blah (over achiever) and is now a devoted mother, almost grandmother and pretty much still the head cheerleader. How does she do it you ask? 96 oz of Diet coke w/lime apparently helps. But seriously, go figure she has issues about not being officially crowned as "The Queen" Yeah, thats her the "blonde" with Wendy another cheerleader, once prom Queen. SINGING Which I would like to draw your attention to--------->To me
(if I could only figure out how to post the video)

Then there is Theresa the shortest of her majesties subjects but never the less a high school cheerleader, V-day queen blah, blah, blah, who is now also an ever devoted wife, mother and grandmother. She doesn't do crafts, drinks diet coke for breakfast and will not stay in her PJ's for a whole day. But, she will be happy to take a break from a puzzle to tell a story and strike a pose. Once again------> For ME.

Next is Myrna and Wendy. Two names, but you can hardly say one without the other.
was always the resident peace maker, she obeyed her mother dutifully, took every opportunity to sing (and boss) and pretty much took care of everyone who needed it. She will however sit in her Pj's all day with out a bra. ( I hope your mom wasn't watching)
Wendy as I mention before cheerleader/prom queen and also bra-less PJ sitter. hehehe (your mom either)
There is absolutely no one they aren't related to or memory they can't recall and they have the pictures to prove it!!! Avid crafters, devoted wives, mothers and grandmothers as well.

Which brings me now to this thought. Who are they all cooking for?


Guess that makes me the Queen

Love ya girls
Video to follow

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OCDesigner: tips on getting old

OCDesigner: tips on getting old

OCDesigner: tips on getting old

OCDesigner: tips on getting old

tips on getting old

A few tips on getting old and how not to do it.

1. Don't let people who don't love you or care about your self respect take random photo's of you being a grandmom.

2. What you can do is fake people out by taking your own picture. Holding the camera high above your head causes you to extend your neck up. Which lengthens it and allowing the jowls to fall back. I know everyone knows this trick, but I still like it.

3. But, sometimes you just get tired of faking people out with camera tricks. Cuz, What the heck....If they got eyes the camera trick only works in the picture?.......(.hmmmm shoulda thought that thru.)

But when you get a glimpse of the most hideous picture you could imagine and it resembles....something that could live under your porch combined with.....well, your mother. Vanity seems highly under rated! So Im gonna reach out and grab me some......

Now the question is.......Was it worth it?

Stay tuned to the next exciting episode!!!!! Vote if you'd like. Will it be worth it?