Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tablescape 1

Hi! Welcome to my first attempt at Tablescaping. I've been following the weekly Tablescape posts for some time and just kept thinking "I'd really like to try that." In an effort to do so I have to say.... "WOW! I've learned alot."

The camera enhances any and all flaws.
2. I need new silverware
3. Tablescapes look thinner on camera
4. Colors look brighter annnnd drum roll please.......
5. It doesn't matter how clean I think my house is. Something is always out of place!!!

Well, I tucked my pride away and I am posting it anyway. Shucks, I'll probably be coming back everyday to add and subtract from it. LOLOLOLOL Maybe clear till Easter. (So suggestions are welcome) As a matter of fact, this could possibly be a before and after Tablescape. Could I be making Tablescape history? To be honest I kind of got a little frenzied when I decided to do this. I ran out to a bunch of stores searching for just the right stuff. "Wait, I thought. For me this is about showcaseing the things I already have and love. Struting my stuff so to speak. So.... I felt pretty clever using the plant stand from the patio and building a nest with a grapevine wreath I found in the "someday" box. Layering an old green tablecloth with a lace one and using my favorite floral dinnerplates (Selma) from Syracuse China. (hellooo Genius) But then, layering again with the with the teal colored fiestaware salad bowls. (well, thats just off the charts) Okay, I clearly see there is some room for improvement.... Its a little funky..... and probably not for everyone. But I gotta love it "cuz thats my style."! Well, I appreciate your being good sports and letting me practice on ya'll. For your viewing pleasure please be sure to check out all the experienced Tablescapers over at Susan's our gracious Tablescape Thursday Hostess at Between Naps On the Porch. Thanks so much for stopping by ~Athella

Tablescape 1

Monday, March 23, 2009

When the wind blows

Okay, so let me just explain. After two weekends of beautiful weather and major yard work of pruning, planting and piling leaves, branches and random trash. I had a mess waiting to be to hauled off. Well...., the freakin weather changed and even worse. THE WIND BLEW!!!! I admit it. I am a little perturbed at the weather man. (and, feeling a little down and out about wasting my precious time off). So whats a girl with nothing to blog and little cash to do on a Sunday ? WALMART! I found this wreath for $10! $10 bucks! I usually make my own for around $50 but, being it is outside and the weather man and I are not on good terms (and I spent all my money on plants) I think its pretty cute on my old door. Oh, you noticed the empty pots next to it? Yeah, probably not going to change any time soon.
"I'm late. I'm late.... I'm late, Im late, Im late."
Quote by~ The White Rabbit

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For Vicky

Room before

Room After

I hope this shows improvement as I am not a good photographer. This room has changed a little more since these pictures were taken. I am trying to convey what can be done with old unloved furniture. Please excuse the clutter. Did I mention I have grandchildren?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Babysitting Events

Im so envious of you all tablescaping, foodie, and makeover parties. As much as I long for the days that I can play. I know I have to savor every moment I have with my grandbabies for I know how fast they will grow up. This was a particularly long weekend as my son and his wife were off to Mexico for spring break. We started early Friday evening with a birthday party for my oldest son Casey and after the barbecue we broke out the laser tag guns... (that was fun!!) We were hoping to burn off some energy and wear the little ones down but at 2:00 am we were still playing musical beds. Tommorrows another day...... and apparently it starts at 7:30 am....with cartoons. What the heck we got breakfast cooking and planned a picnic and hike (hoping to wear the boys out for an earlier bedtime) After breakfast and bickering there was dirty diapers and packing.....Our picnic started about 3:30 pm. What a hike! (Can you believe I forgot my camera?) How could they possibly resist sleep after this? But lets not take any chances so we took them to the bounce park for 2 hours and played tag and went up and down all the slides and oh add some break dancing in between the bouncing!.....man, "they gotta be tired by now"..... Pulling out all the stops we dropped by walmart and pick up the movie Madagascar2 and headed home with a little 2 step in our hearts. Tonight would be our night for sleep..... Movie starts and in 15 minutes 1 down and 2 to go......one hour later 2 down and one to go. hmmmm Im not sure when the next one dropped. I just heard screaming at 1:00 am and musical beds began once again. Well, I think they have us on their routine now. Cartoons at 7:30 breakfast w/bickering by 9:00 as they plan what kind of torture they can put the grandparents through today.....A Bike ride to the park to fly kites? oh, that doesn't sound sooo bad....then bike rides home. That will wear them out! Well this is me at 12:35 am and this precious little two year old is wanting to push the buttons....LOL If he only knew he already has.....hahaha


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Music

Okay, Okay I'm an old gal with an even older fixation. What can I say? Im an old fashion girl.... although, Big Band was before my time. Could this obsession come from a past life? hmmmmm now there's something to think about.....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Behind the Scene

Some of you asked to see what was behind the candle lamp. The big frenchy piece is something I picked up a few years ago at a clearance sale and the other two are radio fronts I painted white and distressed. Im crazy for old hardware (who knows why?) but, I need to make it clear that I only take salvagable parts off unsalvagable pieces. If I find something that can't be fixed I will remove the hardware, drawer or drawer front to make something fun. lol and sometimes I throw that away too! Thanks for looking ~Athella

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lamp Obsession

I guess it is time for me to admit my obsession for lamps. All lamps. No matter the style or era. Ornate or simplistic they are all visually stimulating to me. I don't always love them in the form I find them so, I take them apart and re-configure or re-purpose them.
For instance: Display a collection of glass bases or use a metal base as a candleabra, make a cake stand, candy dish, or a patio fountain. The sky is the limit when you have so much to work with. Now, I would like to introduce you to yet another of my off handed creations.

This is in my guest room. Don't be afraid the candles are battery operated.