Monday, March 23, 2009

When the wind blows

Okay, so let me just explain. After two weekends of beautiful weather and major yard work of pruning, planting and piling leaves, branches and random trash. I had a mess waiting to be to hauled off. Well...., the freakin weather changed and even worse. THE WIND BLEW!!!! I admit it. I am a little perturbed at the weather man. (and, feeling a little down and out about wasting my precious time off). So whats a girl with nothing to blog and little cash to do on a Sunday ? WALMART! I found this wreath for $10! $10 bucks! I usually make my own for around $50 but, being it is outside and the weather man and I are not on good terms (and I spent all my money on plants) I think its pretty cute on my old door. Oh, you noticed the empty pots next to it? Yeah, probably not going to change any time soon.
"I'm late. I'm late.... I'm late, Im late, Im late."
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Cyn said...

I know what you mean about the weatherman. We're flooding here in my neck of the woods and tonight through Wednesday we could have blizzard conditions.

I love your wreath. I'd say you put your time to good use.

Chari said...

Hey Girlfriend...

Just seen your post come up on the newly posted list and came right over! So sorry to hear about your weather, Girl but this may make you feel a bit better...yesterday it was sunny and 73 was beautiful...had the windows and doors open and soakin' the day in! This morning I woke up to the sound of Howling...yes, the wind was blowing here too! Not just blowing but howlin'!!! The best part...the wind isn't only blowin' but it's snowing to beat hell! Can you believe it??? And it's supposed to snow most of this week! Arrrghhh!!!

There, I thought that might make you feel better about your weather! hehe!!!

Girl, I love your pretty Spring wreath...and that old door is gorgeous!!! The wreath is perfect on it! Soooo pretty!!!

Have a marvelous Monday, Sweetie!
Love ya,

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

It's that time of year! I'm hoping we're out of the winter weather now! Your wreath and door look so pretty! God Bless you today girlfriend! Lauralu :)

xinex said...

The wreath on the old door looks very pretty, Athella. Sorry you're still having bad weather. You should move here, it's been really nice!...Christine

ann said...

JUST PERFECT.Yes,I was going to put a few Sptingy things outside Saturday.But it/s March and the wind is blowing.....ann

Happy To Be said...

OH girl I can feel for you...Saturday moring its like spring time and I am out taking pics of all my blooms then it starts to rain no BIG deal flowers like that night its all my daffs are not going to bloom this year..Love your wreath You did good..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Unknown said...