Saturday, February 28, 2009

When the stars align

You know when you fall in love at first sight and wonder.... What took you so long to find me?....Thats when you know it was meant to be. LOL Yes. I can be a little dramatic but, looook its two tone and has a faux alligator top and It will make for good storage. Pictures, stationary, makeup, oh,oh, money. I can put money in it!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I thought I would share the crazy centerpieces I made for my nieces wedding. The tall bouqets are old floor lamps I spray painted black then took apart and reworked with old orange lucite beads I took from another lamp. I topped them off by screwing on a large green ceramic pot and filled them with bright pink, orange & green gerber daisies, moss, and grapevine.
They were unique, elegant and fun too.

These two were mock ups. I made 3 of the tall ones above and ten centerpieces. (and an 8ft swag) I purchase lamps from every thriftstore and yard sale I came across plus I had a few collected in the "shed"... (have I mentioned I love lamps?) After they were painted I aged them with a little buffing using a fine gauge steel wool pad. Even though the bases were different the paint, orange beads, and metal flowers presented unity. Which was after all the plan. Once they were all reconfigured I drove 300 miles to SLC and arranged the florals there. The small ceramic pots were filled with pink, orange and green gerber daisies as well as moss and grapevine. Each was placed on individual guest tables along with a small framed quote from Alice in wonderland and another framed pictured of the happy couple. It was the bride's favorite childrens story and I thought how perfect??? Since two young people starting out in marriage are surely entering uncertain territory. helloooo (I don't know if anyone else got it cuz I do have a slightly twisted sense of humor) Anyway the good news is everyone went crazy for them and after the wedding I sold them all... including the framed quotes. Thanks for looking! ~athella P.S yes, she serve cookies along with 3 scoops of colored sherbet.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Did someone say compote?

I have a few of those too!
If someone would dust I would show more!

I Love Junk

I paid $30 for this 1950's buffet at a local thrift shop. As you can see my first attempt at painting it proved unsuccessful. Now, it may appear that I am not a perfectionist but I did have a plan.

Which meant it had to be re-sanded, re-painted then re-painted and re-sanded. See what I mean?
Its resting now in the playroom. Housing all the grandkids puzzles, crayons and video games. Generally speaking this is usually not my style but I love it, love it, love it and it has now made it to the Who gets what when I'm gone list? Now, what I'd really like to know is.... Do they know something I don't know? -OR - How bad do they really want it? Yikes!

yard sale find

In Another World

Dear Friends; I would like to introduce my friend and extended family member Debbie Clark. Her daughter Cally is married to my son Kale. Debbie is working on a most worthy of mentioning cause called Quatemala Childrens project ( I am posting this message because I have first hand experience with it and want to personally vouche for it as an honest and reputable charity. Every penny donated goes directly to these abandoned, neglected and abused children. This post is not meant to pressure for donations. I just wanted to offer the option to anyone who is interested and may be afraid of where their money really goes. If you want to visit the site Debbie has posted pictures of the children and written a history of her involvement in the program. Thanks for taking the time to read this ~Athella

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Little Part of Something

These pebbles were poured between
plexiglass walls dividing the walk in
shower from the vanity.

<--I thought it was interesting that the entire bathroom was tiled floor to ceiling. Yeah, I sold this tile. Wish I worked on commission.
<---I love how the (tiled) mirror reflects the cast iron bed in the guest suite.

In this shot I was trying to get the beautiful landscape as well as the tile floor. Its a shame Im such a poor photographer. I know you would have loved it!